West End Originals

Try one of these unique drinks to get your night started right!

Tea Bags

Peach or Raspberry Vodka done like a Jagger Bomb, but dropped in delicious Sweet Tea. Ever gotten a buzz of a Snapple?

Texas Tangos

Choose your favorite chilled Vodka mixed with cranberry juice. Simple yet delicious

Jim Morrison

Light your fire with Jager dropped in root beer. Mmmm mmmm

Fresh Squeezed Top Shelf Rita

Made with your choice of our many top shelf Tequilas and Grand Marnier. Fresh squeezed lime on request. Delicious and refreshing!

Sunshine State Bomb

Another bomb, but with Energy drink & OJ with citrus Vodka dropped in. Tastes like Fruity Pebbles cereal baby!!

Jim Beam

Straight shot of “The Worlds Finest Whiskey”. No drink list would be complete without it!

Lunch Box

Another bomb but with a little more KICK! A shot of Amaretto/151 dropped in a full beer topped with a little OJ.


5.5% on draft and 11% in the bottle. Both are brewed with Florida’s famous Orange Blossom Honey!

Fuckit Bucket

The West Ends’ signature drink and best value, it’s 6 different kinds of booze totaling 16 ounces, making a giant blue bucket of fun. Grab a couple of friends, some long straws & brace yourself for a night of fun!!

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