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YugoSKAvia & Victims of Circumstance FREE SHOW!!! @ WEST END TRADING CO.
April 24, 2015 · 9:00 pm
West End Trading Co.

YugoSKAvia is a long-standing member of the burgeoning Orlando ska community. With high energy in-your-face horn lines and a tight and talented rhythm section, Yugoskavia has provided fans of all ages with a vast array of musical styles all rooted in ska.

What was once just a group of kids playing for fun now consists of musicians that have studied and honed their craft not only at esteemed institutions such as Stetson and UCF, but in the diverse and exciting Florida music scene. One thing remains from those early days - the fun is still there and still had in each and every practice and performance.

Yugoskavia is not your average band, but a horn-driven, ass-kicking whirlwind of emotions put to music. Ranging from two-tone ska to jazz to punk and metal, Yugoskavia will always keep you guessing and will definitely keep you skanking.

In the fall of 2005, two veterans of the Florida Punk Scene, guitarist Michael Smyth and drummer Glenn Stewart were working together at a debt settlement company owned by Stewart. With passions leaning very heavily toward their music, the two found themselves returning to the office late at night to work on songs that would eventually become Do It Yourself, their debut album.

“We had a full drum kit, a half-stack, a bass rig and half-a-dozen guitars lying around Glenn’s office”, says Smyth. “We just kept the door closed and no one seemed to notice.” Eventually the boys converted some unused warehouse space next to their office into a rehearsal room. The space grew and grew until they had actually built a state-of-the- art recording studio.

Buoyed by that accomplishment and with of a ton of original songs in their back pocket, they decided it was time to form a band to flesh out all the creative ideas they had brewing. So they brought in bassist Lindsey Pittard, saxophonist Jay Atheney, and Devin Johnson on trumpet to complete the line-up. Blending pop hooks with their distinctive fusion of punk and ska, Victims of Circumstance quickly made a name for themselves among the sea of Central Florida bands, both for their energetic performances and their commitment to the local scene.

Victims of Circumstance tapped the talents of Tim “Johnny Vegas” Burton of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones to produce their debut album Do It Yourself.” When the album was released in late 2007, the band locked down airplay on over 150 independent and college radio stations and a healthy amount of media attention.

Hot on the heels of the in-store date, the boys supported the release with gigs with the Pietasters, Big D and the Kids

Table, and, most importantly, with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the revival of their legendary Hometown Throwdown in Boston. Road warriors in spirit, they continued to play in the Southeast throughout 2008 opening for bands such as Time Again, Whole Wheat Bread and The Voodoo Glow Skulls.

Under the watchful eye of Big D and The Kids Table Bass player Steve Foote in the producer’s seat, the band entered the studio again in early 2009 to record the follow-up. The resulting album, Roll the Dice, will be released in August of 2009. Jam-packed with tight punk, ska and pop tracks with melodic hooks aplenty, this album pushes the band even further, exploring different rock styles and rhythms. From the get-go of opening track "The Final Flight of D.B. Cooper" that eases in with instantaneously-infectious punk rhythms to the celebratory skank of "This Riot Used To Be A Party" to the cheekily-named (but not too far off) "Number One Hit Single", their second album packs energetic melodic ska/punk/pop into fifteen tracks.
Beyond Beyond, The Capital, Euphrates, Jonah Carden & Alex Diaz @ West End Trading Co.
April 30, 2015 · 7:00 pm
West End Trading Co.
$5/$8 under 21
Doors @ 7pm
Show @ 7:30pm

Beyond Beyond is a three-piece alternative rock band from the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, composed of vocalist/guitarist Rob Jones, bassist/backing vocalist Ryland Parrish, and drummer Jason Thompson.

Defined by its members as "Honest Music", Beyond Beyond has grown into an alternative rock band after two years of developing their sound consisting of influences from indie rock and adult contemporary, along with more underlying and implicit touches of R&B and Jazz Fusion. All in all, Beyond Beyond’s fresh sound is meant to be an experience that sticks with you, as you wear out the “repeat” feature on whatever music device you're using.

Beyond Beyond has major experience with live performances, having played around 200 concerts in two years, some of which being with national acts such as Saving Abel, Primer 55, Hoobastank, Molly Hatchet, and more. Currently, the trio is booking a spring tour to support their new album It's Always October. For more information on booking your venue as a tour stop or for tour resources for venues already booked, please visit the Tour Kit. The band also has the backing of Family For Life Records and five major music gear to go along with their fresh, original sound.

Hitting the music scene officially in December 2012, the band first started gigging under the moniker “Majestic 12” in March 2013 with founding members Rob Jones and Ryland Parrish, along with a live cajon drummer. Under the direction of bass player/band manager Ryland Parrish, the trio played nearly 100 shows that year.

In November of 2013, Rob and Ryland released a self-recorded and produced album titled Worlds Apart that was digitally distributed to major music retailers Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google, and others. They also started looking for a replacement third member for live performances.

In December 2013 the two traveled thirteen hours to Ocean Springs, MS for a four-day stay to record a five track, professionally produced demo. The demo featured studio drummer Chad Kent from the band Atomship. Under the advice of their producer, Rob and Ryland, while traveling back home from MS, brainstormed a new band name and decided on “Beyond Beyond”, inspired from a line from the classic movie Sinbad. The name change was attributed to at least two other digitally distributed bands using the same name, Majestic 12, leading to a grouping of all band under the same artist name on music retailer sites.

Another piece of advice their producer gave the two was to find a drummer, a daunting task made easy through a friend made by traveling heavily to shows throughout 2013. Jason Thompson, a Toll Booth Collector, was a friend of the band. Rob and Ryland always seemed to drive through Jason’s tool booth on the way back from shows. After sitting in on one rehearsal in January 2014, Jason was invited into the band and has since contributed to a more edgy dynamic to the band’s live sound.

It goes without saying that the year 2014 was the defining year of Beyond Beyond; in February the trio made the name change official and played another near 100 shows, which included concerts opening for the likes of Hoobastank, Saving Abel, Molly Hatchet, Primer 55, and Psychostick. The biggest milestones of the year 2014 include endorsement offers from Spector Bass, MTD Guitars, Bartolini Pickups, XVIVE Audio, and Steve Clayton. In December 2014 the band released their LP album It’s Always October.

All of 2014’s momentum culminated in late December when the band was discovered and offered a recording contract from indie record label Family For Life Records.

The year 2015 will include the finalization of the Family For Life recording contract in February and a spring tour to support album, merchandise sales, and build new fan bases in areas the band will be offering direct support for Primer 55 later in the year. The band will also be re-recording It’s Always October under the direction and support of Family For Life Records.
Zach Deputy & more @ West End Trading Co.
May 14, 2015 · 9:00 pm
West End Trading Co.
$9 pre/$12 DOS/$3 add'l charge at door for under 21
doors @ 9pm

On his new release Another Day (Eusonia Records, 2011), Zach Deputy demonstrates his extraordinary ability to perform and record in multiple contexts and conveys the sensibilities of a mature singer/songwriter. Another Day offers another look at Zach Deputy and seeks to help him cross over into other audiences. Rich with ballads and mid-tempo songs, the music on this recording is best described as soulful rhythm and blues, with flavors of Al Green, Taj Mahal and Stevie Wonder emerging in the swells, changes and modulations of the music, in the voice and even in the lyrical content. The record will appeal to fans of contemporary artists like Jack Johnson and Amos Lee, but the origins of the style and feel remain classic. Another Day is an appropriately titled album, and it is truly an album in the classic sense—a collection of songs that come from the same time and place, inspired by the same muse. Reflective and introspective, it provides a glimpse at the soul of an artist and the depth of a songwriter. Full of hope and anticipation of the promise of another day, a new day, it is a pivotal point in the career of a touring musician. Whereas it is a departure for Zach Deputy, it is one that he feels confident his fans can relate to, but it isn’t the end in itself. Deputy’s multi-faceted diamond gets one side polished in this offering, and it is a side that will shine brightly for a new audience.


202 S Sanford Ave
Sanford, FL, 32771



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