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This Month
November 18, 2014 · 8:00 pm
West End Trading Co.
$7 / $10 UNDER 21

Singer, Songwriter, Whiskey Dranker and Geetar Slanger.
Starfish Music Group/ECR
New Album, "Tonight, I'm Unchained" Available Everywhere Music is Sold!

"Bari Leigh is set to explode with her infectious mix of pop, country, blues and soul…(a) buzz-worthy artist." –
Entertainment Tonight (CBS)

Boldness can take many forms. On the one hand, it can mean brazen, fearless, assured. On the other hand,
sensitive, intimate, authentic. Nashville-based singer-songwriter Bari Leigh uniquely understands and embraces
this duality: it’s in her character. It's in both the sweetness and swagger of her music. And, it's at the heart of what
her debut album, Tonight, I'm Unchained, is all about.
"I grew up steeped in classic music––spanning 1970's riff-rock, blues, and Motown––listening to iconic female
singers like Dolly Parton, Etta James, and Bobbie Gentry. Women who weren't afraid to be determined, powerful,
and even tough, if necessary. But each of them also have a deep and beautiful vulnerability to both their music
and their singing. That blend is what's always been magical to me." The influence of these multi-faceted idols is
clearly evident in Leigh's own songwriting: at times brawny and raucous with bayou slide-guitar riffs and big,
brassy, singing. At others, tenderly soulful, with honeyed vocals, and introspective lyrics.
Written and recorded over a two-year period, Tonight, I'm Unchained is unique in an additional way: the 25 yearold
artist at its helm was––truly––at its helm. Leigh co-produced the album, wrote or co-wrote all the songs, and
is releasing it on the label she's founded: Starfish Music (ECR Music Group).
"I've been surrounded by strong, independent women my whole life," says a smiling Leigh. "I'm not about to not
be one of them."
Though Tonight, I'm Unchained is Bari Leigh's debut album, excitement about her music has already been
building from early DIY recordings that Leigh released prior to founding Starfish Music. Surprisingly, national and
college radio embraced the tracks, as did the taste-making music press. This early notoriety culminated with a
feature about Leigh and her music on national television, with CBS's Entertainment Tonight.
Another key endorsement for Leigh's music came during the making of the new record. For the final stages of the
album's production, Leigh brought in artist, producer, and indie-music stalwart Blake Morgan, who agreed to
both mix and master the new record. "Bari has just the kind of defiant, independent spirit that I love to see––and
hear––in an emerging artist. This is a record well-worth paying attention to."
Now, with the album set for worldwide release, Bari Leigh stands eagerly at the exciting threshold she's worked
so hard to arrive at. “Making this album has already helped me realize two of my greatest dreams: I feel I've
learned who I am as an artist and who I am as a woman. The good news is, they're the same person. Where I go
from here is up to me."
Tonight, I'm Unchained will be released worldwide on July 29th, 2014, on Starfish Music (ECR Music Group).
Part One Tribe, Root of All & more @ West End Trading Co.
November 20, 2014 · 9:00 pm
West End Trading Co.
Holding it down since 95' all original style. Check us out : iTunes // pandora // lastfm // reverbnation // Instagram @partonetribe
Formed in 1995, by guitarist and lead singer ROB-D. The band former known, for a brief time, as just PART ONE, quickly evolved into the PART ONE TRIBE you know today. Theres no lack of originality when it comes to PART ONE TRIBE. With 6 full length Studio albums: EASTCOAST ROOTS,THE GENERAL CONSENSUS,FOR WHAT ITS WORTH, LETS GET DOWN, INTENSIFY, &OBVIOUS AS EVER ;all of which were independently recorded & released.Listen to any one or all 6 albums and you'll get nothing short of track after track that comes straight from the soul. PART ONE TRIBE has more than payed their dues living in their van on the road touring from April 29th 2004 until June 2nd 2010, only going home to visit family for a few days around the Holidays and not even breaking for that in 2008 or 2009. In this time they have sold over 60,000 CD's out of their van. They book all their shows and fund all the CDs thru their own production company called H.C. Indie Productions. The band has been doing whatever it takes to stay on the road and stay progressive. While the lineup has changed over the past 16years, the vibes PART ONE TRIBE brings will never change. With their lastest album "OBVIOUS AS EVER", being released in 2009, the band is highly anticipating the release of they're latest maddness, STAY POSTED! In the meantime, check out new videos, track leaks, pictures, & dates. You can find PART ONE TRIBE music through I-TUNES, CDBABY, PANDORA, LAST-FM, & YOUTUBE.
Started back in the mid/late 1990's. First as a small punk band called Dumb, then evolving into its reggae rock style as Part One. But after some much needed band re-arrangment, Part One formed into what it is today, a tribe, hence Part One Tribe. Now tapping deeper into their love for reggae music, hip hop and blues, Part One Tribe is at the top of their game, sparking interest to fans all over the country and across seas to Europe and Austrailia
November 23, 2014 · 2:00 pm
West End Trading Co.
Come to Beautiful Downtown Sanford and watch as local businesses race their modified couches against each other. Emphasis on the silly and outrageous, the racing comes second! Partake in goods and services from local vendors such as The West End Trading Company, Little Fish Huge Pond, Shantell's, Buster's Bistro, and Willow Tree Cafe.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 on Sanford Ave (at 3rd street), 2 to 6 pm.

Admission to this event is FREE! But please, no coolers our outside drinks. Security and Sanford PD will ask you to throw away.

Rules and Regulations for Racers:

What the hell is this? Sofas and Suds is a Couch Racing and Beer Tasting event taking place in Sanford, FL on Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 (2-6pm). It will be local businesses pitting their sofas against one another to determine who is really the best at pushing a sofa up and down the street. . . . . duh. Overall Silliness is really the goal, though.

Who is participating in the races? If we have given this to you, we hope your business will join us! We are encouraging small businesses in (but not necessarily limited to) Sanford to field a couch-racing team and enter. You will be entered into a bracket-style (16 teams) single-elimination race format to determine couch-pushing supremacy.

Why should we enter? Well, besides all of the glory? Winning business gets possession of the Champions trophy (see photos on Facebook page) for half of the duration of their reign to show off to their customers. The Champions Trophy will now represent both the crowd favorite Couch Team and the actual winning racers. Severe bragging rights go along with that. It will be a huge team-building exercise as your staff comes together to “compete” with one of your neighbors. Upon your entry, your business will be given promotional materials to encourage your patrons to come out and cheer you on.

Is there an entry fee? Yes. Yes there is. We have decided to ask for an entry fee for many reasons. Off-setting some costs was one reason . . . but the main reason being is to ensure that your team shows up. We are shooting for having exactly 16 teams enter (and show up) for this event. Having all 16 teams signed-up and paid in advance allows us to get set up a little better in advance. But, more importantly, it allows us to run the races according to a 16 team single elimination bracket, which makes the event run so much smoother. . . which is more enjoyable to the event-goers who come out, as well as the participants! We are asking that each team submits $75 to guarantee their entry. We will take a 17th team and keep them on standby in the event of a no-show (The 17th team would not have to pay entry fee). Your entire entry fee will then be donated to Goodwill location here in Sanford (on the same block as the races!).

How do we enter? By filling out the attached form and submitting it to Mike Smith/The Imperial-Sanford (along with $75 cash or make check payable to “Goodwill”), you are committing to entering the competition (and MUST show up to race). We will announce all new teams on the Sofas and Suds Facebook Page as they enroll. We will also announce when the racing spots are all taken as soon as we know. In the event that you submit form/payment right after last spot is taken, you will be notified and payment will be returned to you. Again, if you are #17, you have the option to be the back-up racing team.
Upon check in on the day of, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer waiving the organizers of any liability for any mishaps that may happen (sorry for the buzzkill, but no-one has been injured as of yet!).

What does a Team consist of? A team consists of 5 persons, with at least one person on the sofa at all times. The team of five is permanent throughout the event, which means NO SUBSTITUTIONS! Unfortunately this is necessary to keep things fair. By allowing any substitutions at all opens up a large number a ways for teams to bend the rules for their advantage, and thus, making the event less fun for all. You may race with less than the starting five if necessary, as long as one person is always on the sofa at all times.
What about the Sofa? Well, we suggest you start to keep a lookout for a couch that could potentially take you to the top. It could be that old thing in the den that you have thought of getting rid of. It could be that plaid one on the curb you drove by today. It might be the one that’s on Craigslist right now for free! As for the regulations, well we will keep it simple:
1. Couch must be at least 75 inches in length (original outer armrest to original outer armrest). This is to prevent anyone from taking a short-cut and rolling up in a loveseat. Your sofa will be subject to measuring at check –in. Also, the width must be original factory width and cannot be altered. The cushions need to be in place, because it has to look like a couch! Oh, and NO FUTONS!!!!!

2. SAFETY! Please always consider safety, both for yourself and your opponents in mind when designing your racer. Please avoid any and all sharp edges. Any and all protruding parts must be padded, if not avoided all-together. Always try to avoid collisions with the other teams to minimize the chances to cause injury.

3. The only other rule is that it must stay 100% human powered. No sort of engines, drive-trains, or assistance other than caffeine or alcohol will be allowed (we don’t drug test, yet). This is serious and the playing field must stay even. It’s also a safety issue . . . someone getting hit by an errant sofa at 9mph is a lot better than someone getting hit at 19 mph . . . These things we just already know.

4. We recommend a trip to the hardware store right away to start getting some ideas. Also, we learned from past experiences, that wheels that inflate, swivel, and have treads are a HUGE plus (what with the brick streets and all). Also, anticipate needing to make some basic repairs if you continue to advance. Hint: Zip ties were worth gold at past races!

5. There will be TWO spots on the Champions trophy up for grabs: The first of course is for the event champion/fastest couch! The other one will be for Crowd favorite team which will be decided by a very scientific voting process . . . so winning them over from the get-go is a wise idea. The Crowd Favorite Team and the Winners split possession of the Champions Trophy until the next Sofas and Suds.

What if I have more questions? Good Question! Check the facebook page first at /sofasandsuds to see if it can be answered there. Otherwise, email mikesmithis@yahoo.com with your questions and we will get back to you right away.

We hope you will join us. We think that with everyones support and participation, this can be a great thing for downtown Sanford. . . . home of Sofas and Suds!


Registration for Sofas & Suds

Team Name:________________________
Business Name:______________________

Team Captain:_______________________
Racer 2:___________________________
Racer 3:___________________________
Racer 4:___________________________
Racer 5:___________________________

Captain Phone Number:_______________
Email Address:______________________


202 S Sanford Ave
Sanford, FL, 32771



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